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#322 Forum Vojnik toolbar

Posted by ForumVojnik on 18 January 2014 - 10:31 AM

If you want ability to search Forum Vojnik directly from your web broswer you can download and install Forum Vojnik Toolbar.It's very vell designed small toolbar for your broswer.

You can see and download Forum Vojnik toolbar here


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#269 Forum Vojnik future board and skin-vote

Posted by ForumVojnik on 20 December 2013 - 01:00 PM

What bourd and theme skin woud you sugest for Forum Vojnik.I woud add scree shots of diferent boards and skins,you are welcome to do same and add screen shots of any board or skin.

Invision Power Board-IPB,very popular comercial BB Forum

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Demo Here

IP board second skin Here

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#518 North Korea Armed Forces -The Korean People's Army

Posted by ForumVojnik on 31 October 2017 - 04:00 PM

US has placed powerful US troops in the region as deterrent to North Korea,US has armored brigade on the ground in South Korea consists of three combined arms battalions, one reconnaissance battalion, one artillery battalion, one engineer and one brigade support battalion. Armored brigade combat teams typically consist of approx 100 M1A2  tanks, 100 M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and eighteen M109-series self-propelled howitzers.

The army in South Korea also maintains the 2nd Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade, equipped with approximately sixty Apache attack helicopters, Blackhawk and Chinook transports. The 210th Artillery Brigade, equipped with M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems provides long range artillery fire, while the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade provide Patriot missile coverage of Osan and Suwon Air Force Bases. The 35th Brigade also operates the AN/TPY-2 missile defense radar and six Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) launch vehicles recently sent to the country [4] to beef up anti-missile defenses.

The other major component of American power in Korea is U.S. tactical aviation. The U.S. Air Force maintains the 51st Fighter Wing [5] at Osan Air Base, consisting of the 25th Fighter Squadron at equipped with A-10C Thunderbolt II ground attack jets and the 36th Fighter Squadron with F-16C/D Fighting Falcon fighters (about forty-eight aircraft in all). The 8th (“Wolfpack”) Fighter Wing [6] at Kunsan Air Base consists of the 35th and 80th Fighter Squadrons, which fly a total of forty-five F-16C/Ds. The A-10Cs have the mission of close air support, while the F-16C/Ds are responsible for air interdiction, close air support and counter-air.

Beyond the Korean Peninsula the United States maintains an array of forces ready to intervene. U.S. military forces in Japan include the forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, two guided missile cruisers and seven guided missile destroyers. Many of the cruisers and destroyers have ballistic missile defense capability although two of the destroyers, Fitzgerald and McCain, are out of action due to collisions with civilian merchantmen. The Reagan and surface warships are all based at Yokosuka, Japan.

Further south, Sasebo, Japan is the home of the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard and the ships of its amphibious task force. Together, this amphibious force can lift a marine infantry battalion reinforced with armor, artillery and aviation assets collectively known known as Marine Expeditionary Unit. Sasebo is also the home of the 7th Fleet’s four minesweepers. The result is a well-balanced force that can execute a wide variety of missions, from ballistic missile defense to an amphibious assault.


Farther north in Japan, the U.S. Air Force’s 35th Fighter Wing [9] is located at Misawa, Japan. The 35th Wing specializes in suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD), and is trained to destroy enemy radars, missile systems and guns to allow other friendly aircraft a freer hand in flying over the battlefield. The wing flies approximately forty-eight F-16C/Ds split among the 13th and 14th Fight Squadrons. Near Tokyo, the USAF’s 374th Airlift Wing at Yokota Air Base flies C-130 Hercules, C-130J Super Hercules, UH-1N Huey and C-12J Huron aircraft.

Marine Corps units are spread out across Japan, with marine fixed wing aviation, including a squadron of F-35B Joint Strike Fighters, tankers and logistics aircraft stationed at MCAS Iwakuni, the only Marine Corps air station on mainland Japan. Three squadrons of Marine helicopter units are stationed at MCAS Futenma on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Marine ground forces include the 4th Marines, a marine infantry regiment with three battalions, and the 12th Marines, an artillery regiment with two battalions of artillery.

Also on Okinawa is the sprawling Kadena Air Base [10], home of the 44th and 67th fighter squadrons, both of which fly the F-15C/D Eagle fighter. Kadena is also home to a squadron of K-135 Stratotanker aerial refueling aircraft, a squadron of E-3 Sentry airborne early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft, and two rescue squadrons. Farther from a potential Korean battlefield (but still in missile range) Kadena would act as a regional support hub for American airpower, with AWACS aircraft monitoring the skies and controlling aircraft missions while tankers refueled bombers, transports, and aircraft on long-range missions.

The next major American outpost in the Pacific, Guam, is home to Submarine Squadron 15, four forward-deployed nuclear attack submarines supported by the permanently moored submarine tender USS Frank Cable[11]. Naval special warfare units are also based on the island. An army THAAD unit was deployed to the island in 2013 to protect against North Korean intermediate range ballistic missiles.

Guam is also home to Andersen Air Force Base. Andersen typically hosts a variety of heavy aircraft, including B-1B Lancer strategic bombers from Pacific Command’s Continuous Bomber Presence Mission, KC-135 tankers and RQ-4 Global Hawk drones. Andersen served as a jumping off point for bomber raids against North Vietnam and today would see a surge of B-1B, B-2A and B-52H bombers from the continental United States in the event of a flare up in Korea.

U.S. forces in the northwest Pacific are considerable, amounting to two ground combat brigades, approximately seven wings of fighters and attack aircraft, a handful of strategic bombers, an aircraft carrier, submarines, hundreds of cruise missiles and an amphibious assault task force. That already formidable force can be swiftly augmented by even more combat forces from Hawaii, Alaska, and the continental United States, including F-22A Raptors, airborne troops, and more aircraft carriers, submarines and bombers. It is a robust, formidable, adaptable force capable of taking on a variety of tasks, from disaster relief to war.

This story was originally published by The National Interest

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#497 Hezbollah

Posted by Mitza on 27 October 2017 - 02:11 AM

Moscow: Hezbollah is a legitimate socio-political force, not a terrorist organization

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov

Moscow says it does not consider Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and will continue relations with the Lebanese resistance movement.

“Some say Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. We maintain contacts and relations with them because we do not consider them a terrorist organization,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov was quoted as saying on Sunday by Reuters.

The political party was founded in mid-1980s primarily to defend the Lebanese soil against the Israeli occupation and aggression. The regime’s occupation of a strip of south Lebanon in 1982 led the resistance fighters through a long anti-occupation campaign to finally liberate the region and force the regime forces to withdraw on May 24, 2000.

“They have never committed any terrorist acts on Russian territory. Hezbollah was elected by people to the Lebanese parliament. There are cabinet members and ministers who are from Hezbollah in Lebanon. It's a legitimate socio-political force,” Bogdanov further added.

The resistance movement is also fighting Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Syria and giving aid to the Syrian government to curb the terror group.

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah slammed the deadly terror attacks by Daesh in the French capital Paris late Friday.

“I deem it necessary to officially condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris, which were committed by Daesh,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech on Saturday.

Hezbollah currently holds 12 seats out of 128 seats of the Parliament of Lebanon and the two ministers of state and agriculture.

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#471 Iraq: Iraqi forces enter Kirkuk

Posted by laner12 on 17 October 2017 - 04:16 AM


Iraqi federal forces seized the contested city of Kirkuk from Kurdish forces almost unopposed on Monday in a stunning reversal of fortunes for Iraq’s Kurds.

The loss of the city and its nearby oil fields is a massive blow to dreams of independence for the Kurds, who last month held an independence referendum in anticipation of entering secession talks with Baghdad.

“We took Kirkuk easily,” a lieutenant in the Iraqi federal police Emergency Response Division told the Telegraph via telephone on Monday.


“We are all brothers, there were not problems, some of the Kurdish Peshmerga even took pictures with me,” said the 27-year-old, who gave his first name as Moqtader.

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Security Council reported that “Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces” attacked in “a major, multi-pronged operation” that deployed “US military equipment, including Abrams tanks and Humvees.”

The statement also said “Peshmerga Forces have destroyed at least five US Humvees used by PMF.”

Most Peshmerga forces withdrew from the contested city without fighting however after Baghdad issued the Kurds an ultimatum to pull back to pre-2014 positions.

Long columns of armoured vehicles and pick up trucks filled with Kurdish fighters withdrew from positions around the city on Monday, jamming roads already crowded with fleeing Kurdish civilians who said they felt abandoned and feared Shia militias entering the city.

Military vehicles enter Kirkuk Credit: Stringer/Reuters

“They cheated us and we’ve been betrayed,” a Kurdish man Kawa Mustafa Mohamed shouted from his car as he and his family waited in heavy traffic to leave the city.


“I don’t know where I’m going now but my father was killed by the Iraqis and I don’t want that to happen to my family.”

Another man, Malla Bahir, had packed five of family members and piles of hastily gathered possessions crammed in his pick up truck. “I want to keep my daughters and wife safe,” he said.

Left behind were disorganised bands of enraged Kurdish gunmen who vowed to defend the city. “Only us volunteers fought, not the Peshmerga,” said Hardi Farouk, a 27-year old in bleached blue jeans clutching an AK-47 assault rifle in south Kirkuk.

Moments earlier a pickup truck carrying two grievously injured Kurdish fighters had careened through the intersection where Forouk stood and then the lightly armed band of Kurdish men nearby started firing their weapons in the direction of the distant K1 military base which had just been seized by Iraqi forces.

Shortly afterwards mortars began exploding nearby and soon after the men had scattered a convoy of Iraqi federal forces would enter the city unopposed.

The prospect of a new civil war in the ethnically mixed city is a potential boon for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). 

The international coalition said it was “closely monitoring the situation” and urged all sides to avoid “escalatory actions”.


Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former British Army officer now advising the Kurdish Peshmerga, said: “The greatest evil everywhere is Isil and the greatest threat to the UK is Isil. It’s the defeat of Islamic State that is key and the trouble is people in Iraq believe that the fight against Isil is over and it’s focused in Raqqa and Syria. But there are still pockets in Iraq and anything that deflects from that could have a global impact.”

The Foreign Office in London last night urged "calm on all sides" and said it wanted to "encourage steps to de-escalate tensions in Kirkuk".

Iraqi boys walk over the Kurdish flag in Kirkuk Credit: Stringer/Reuters

Kurdish forces have controlled Kirkuk since summer 2014 when federal forces abandoned their defences ahead of an Islamic State advance across northern Iraq. Since then the Kurds have exported oil from Kirkuk fields — some 350,000 barrels of oil per day— a critical contribution to their economy since Baghdad stopped budget payments to the region following a dispute over oil revenues in 2015.

In recent weeks Baghdad stepped up demands for the return of Kirkuk and its oil fields after the Kurds proceeded with holding a disputed referendum on independence that extended voting to disputed territories.

Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi took pains to portray the military operation as being in the interests of Iraqi citizens. In a statement released Monday, he said: “We assure our people in Kurdistan and in Kirkuk in particular that we are keen on their safety and best interest. We have only acted to fulfill our constitutional duty to extend the federal authority and impose security and protect the national wealth in this city, which we want to remain a city of peaceful coexistence for all Iraqis.”


Both federal and Kurdish leaders have attempted to paint the other as aggressors in the dispute. “Peshmerga will continue to defend Kurdistan, its peoples and interests,” wrote the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Security Council.

Not all Kirkuk residents were dismayed by the change in control in the city. Photos shared on social media showed Turkmen residents celebrating in the streets near the citadel at the heart of the city and Iraqi Arabs bringing tea and sweets to advancing federal forces.

A banner showing an image of the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani, as Iraqi forces advance towards Kirkuk Credit: Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP

In other areas though, Kurdish men said they would fight to the death despite their leaders’ decision to withdraw from the city. “I’m going to stay to the end,” said Baran Abdullah, a 25-year-old Peshmerga fighter who said he’d come to the city without orders with his father and two brothers after seeing the news on television.

As he stood on an overpass, vehicles continued streaming out of the city passed an enormous statue of a Kurdish fighter. The 26-metre high edifice was recently inaugurated by former Kirkuk governor Najmaddin Karim in honour of the Kurdish fighters who had defended the city against Isis in 2014. “Our leaders sold us out, they sold Kirkuk and they sold the martyrs,” said Abdullah.


Standing alongside him were two female fighters from the the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). On Sunday evening the National Security Council in Baghdad had characterised the presence of the outlawed militant group in the city as a “declaration of war” by the Kurds, despite the fact that they had been in the city since 2014. The women declined to be interviewed but said the PKK would also stay to defend the city.

Just hours later though, photos shared online showed Iraqi forces stationed next to the statue amid reports that federal control over the city was complete.

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#468 Donald Trump declined Iran nuclear deal

Posted by laner12 on 14 October 2017 - 02:21 PM

This move is his attempt to improve his reputation at home and also to satisfy Israel and some Arab coutries,but this will not work...He is alone,UK,EU,Russis and China support deal and Washingthon is isolated in this metter....Iran is always een on right side of the History....after talibans win in Afghaistan US,S.Arabia,UAE and Pakistan were only countries who support them ...Iran support Northern Alliance and fight against talibans...after 7-8 years and 11.09 US changed policy and started war vs talibans...and they asked Iran to help them....

Let's not forget Iraq...whole world support Sadam when He invaded Iran,no one cares when Iranian civilians were targeted with chemical weapons...heck west even provided chemical weapons to Sadam...He targeted Iran with ammunition provided from Germany and other western countries....After Iran-Iraq war stoped...Sadam asked Iran to help him to invade Kuwait...as good will(and probably to prevent it to be destroyed) He send most of his air forces to Iran...IRAN DECLINE rhis offer and Iran was first country who help Kuwait.....

When ISIS attack Erbil in Iraq,which is kurdish city,and when kurdis were started to withraw(peshmegra was already started to leave battlefield)Iraq prime minister call 3 countries and ask for help....US,Turkey and He called Iran last..... IRIAF and IRGCAF transport aircrafts were there in 2 hours ,Turkey didn't even react.....and US react only after more than 24 hours with some air strikes....only country that were there on ground and in time was IRAN...just to say... kurds are not shia...

Iran policy was always same....

When ISIS over run Iraq..and came almost in Baghdad...who save the day?..It was Iran who started air strikes on ISIS positions and send weapons and troops in hours...it was Iran and Iraq security forces who defeat DAESH in Iraq...US allias were again on wrong side...they support ISIS...After crysis started between S.Arabia,UAE,Bahrain... against Qatar... these countries started to acuse each others who support terorists more(they all support ISIS terorists) and when Qatar was isolated ...when Qatar arab neighbourhs closed air space,borders on land and sea with intention to put Qatar people on presure by making them hungry(Qatar import all food and almost everything) ...Iran was the coutry who open their air space and send food and supply to Qatar...and Iremeber their statement back than as it was yesterday...they stated among all other things "....we  would do this for every one..we would do this for S.Arabia too if they find themself in such position"

Also let's remeber who save Syria...it was Iran ....Russia came years after and Iran was the only coutry who fight ISIS from day 1....without IRAN my friends...ISIS would be today sitting in Damask and Baghdad.....

Trump and all people who share his view should start to accept reality....facts are talking by itself....He put travel ban on Iran and yet not even single iranian people or Iran as state were never included in any terorist attack on US or US interests.....in same time citizens from countries that were included in EVERY terorist attack against US and US interests are free to came in US.

On one side you have Iran....Iranians are alwasy been loyal citizens of US..they are most educated and most successful migrants in US...you will find them in academic institutions..as bussiness leaders and again ....never even one Iranian or Iran organisation was involved in teror attack..and Trump put them on ban list while in same time S.Arabia who support terorists ...whose citizens were involved in every fucking terorist attack are free to came in US...should I say that most of 11.09 attackers were Saudi Arabia citizens and rest of them were also sunni from US allias...US pople needs to re open their eyes and start asking hard questions...US needs to redefine his policy....

Iran never invade anyone.....they call for dialogs in region while in same time Iranian neighbourh buy billions worth weapons.....one UAE whose size is only a fraction of size of Iran is spending ten times more on weapons than Iran.....S.Arabia is buying 300 billions worth weapons from US in next few years.....again Iran was targeted already with chemical weapons and whole world support it.... they were targeted with balistic missiles while in same time they didn't have missiles to respond....and you are asking why they develop missiles...IT IS FOR DEFENCE ......Iran stated many times that they will never use missiles against enyone except in SELF DEFENCE.Iran is threaten from all sides for 35 years ...from US,Israel,Arab states...they are surounded with missiles,bases..etc.....they are threaten even with nuclear attacks ....Israel threat them every day...do you know what "all options are on table " mean ....it mean than any time attack on Iran can be lunched...even nuclear attack was considered from US many times and nuclear attac is considered also from Israel side...what is wrong with you people,for last 35 days US and others did everything they could to prevent Iran to develop and advance in any fields...only because they kick your ass from THEIR country....well thanks to information globalization...no one eat your shit eny more...

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#445 Iran is receiving Russian-made S-300 air defense systems

Posted by ForumVojnik on 30 August 2016 - 12:20 PM

Iranian s-300 first time seend ,video + images









----------- Dopuna: 29 Avg 2016 13:13 ---------

 Shahed 129 UCAV combat reconnaissance

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#434 Iran military parade-Iran Army Day parade in Tehran

Posted by ForumVojnik on 18 April 2015 - 09:52 AM

Part of Iran "BAVAR" long range air defence and ABM projects shown in national Army Day parade 18 April 2015


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#433 Iran military parade-Iran Army Day parade in Tehran

Posted by ForumVojnik on 18 April 2015 - 09:49 AM

Iran showcases domestically-developed defense systems


Tehran, Iran, April 18

By Mehdi Sepahvand ??? Trend:

The Iranian Army has introduced several new, domestically-developed defense systems and weapons.

The Army???s Khatam ul-Anbiya Air Defense Base showcased its latest achievements during the Army Day parade in Tehran, Tasnim news agency reported April 18.

The following is the list of the items on show:

?? S200 missile, for targeting flying objects and guided missiles

?? Talash missile system with long range and the ability to be synchronized with existing ground-to-air systems

?? Jooya radar system, introduced within Mersad missile system, capable of fighting flying objects at low and mid altitude as well as ballistic missiles

?? Kavosh radar, another part of Mersad missile system

?? Hadi radar, another part of Mersad missile system

?? Hog TLV missile, for targeting low and mid-altitude objects

?? Rapier missile system, providing low-altitude defense, suitable for securing refineries and nuclear facilities, upgraded with Iranian expertise

?? Ya Zahra missile system, for destroying flying objects with different velocities

?? Shoulder-launched missile Misaq, infrared homing, suitable for targeting low-altitude blind spots

?? DZ intelligence system for collecting Alient system???s signal data

?? Baser-2 eavesdropping headquarters vehicle

?? Toposcatter telecommunication system capable of communicating up to the tropospheric layer

?? Rasul communication system for communicating missile sensor and radar data with commanding headquarters

?? Fakoor updated communication system, capable of receiving, processing, and transferring data according to up-to-date methods

?? Shahab communication system for secure, long-distance communication

?? Central communication system for communicating with military and civil aircraft

?? Fath-2 radar system

?? 10-Shahrivar passive radar system

?? Kheibar reconnaissance system

Over the past decades, the Islamic Republic has domestically increased its military capabilities under international pressure.

Despite international concerns, Tehran has frequently asserted that its military power serves defense exclusively and would be at the service of regional stability.









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#430 Putin lifts ban on delivery of S-300 missile systems to Iran

Posted by ForumVojnik on 14 April 2015 - 06:13 PM

Spokesman: Russia???s S-300 Missile Systems??? Supplies to Iran May Begin Any Moment

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday to lift the ban on the delivery of S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran.

"The decree stipulates??? no delays," Peskov told journalists adding that the second provision of the decree states that "it comes into force on the day it was signed."

Putin???s decision on Monday to lift embargo on the deliveries of S-300 air defense missile systems comes in the wake of progress achieved at the Iran nuclear talks in Switzerland over a week ago paving the way for the international community to lift sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Lavrov said earlier in the day that Russia???s embargo on deliveries of S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran was no longer in need due to progress in the resolution of the situation around Iran???s nuclear program.

This year, Lavrov continued, the six international negotiators, after a regular round of talks with Iran, "stated" on April 2 in Lausanne "substantial progress in settling Iran???s nuclear problem."

"The G5+1 stated progress in the settlement of Iran???s nuclear program. Political frameworks of the final agreement were coordinated. They received a high assessment everywhere on the international arena," he said.

"S-300 is an air defense missile system, which is of a purely defensive nature. It is not designed for attacks and will not put at risk the security of any regional state, of course," Lavrov said.

"Meanwhile, for Iran, taking into account the very tense situation in the region surrounding it, modern air defense systems are very important," he said.

Also on Monday, Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan hailed the Russian president's Monday decision to repeal the ban prohibiting the delivery of S-300 missile air defense systems to Iran, describing it as a prelude to the widening and enhancement of Tehran-Moscow relations in all fields.

Earlier this month, a leading Russian defense expert said that his country may resume the deal to deliver S-300 surface-to-air defense systems to Iran.

After negotiators from Iran, the United States and other world powers agreed on April 2 to a framework for a final agreement on Tehran???s nuclear program, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that a UN arms embargo against Iran should also go.

"Lifting sanctions on Iran, including the arms embargo, would be an absolutely logical thing to do,??? said Igor Korotchenko, who heads the Global Arms Trade Analysis Center think tank in Moscow.

???Of key importance to us is the delivery of the upgraded S-300 missiles to Iran??? A contract to this effect could be resumed on terms acceptable to both Moscow and Tehran,??? he added.

In January, Tehran and Moscow signed an agreement to broaden their defensive cooperation and also resolve the problem with the delivery of Russia's S300 missile defense systems to Iran.

The agreement was signed by General Dehqan and his visiting Russian counterpart General Sergei Shoigu in a meeting in Tehran in January.

The Iranian and Russian defense ministers agreed to resolve the existing problems which have prevented the delivery of Russia's advanced air defense systems to Iran in recent years.

The two sides also agreed to broaden their defense cooperation and joint campaign against terrorism and extremism.

In 2007, Iran signed a contract worth $800mln to buy five Russian S300 missile defense systems.

But the deal was scrapped in 2010 by the then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who was unilaterally expanding on sanctions against Iran imposed by the UN Security Council.

Iran filed a $4bln lawsuit against Russia in the international arbitration court in Geneva, which is currently pending review.

Moscow has struggled to have the lawsuit dropped, including by offering the Tor anti-aircraft systems as replacement, media reported in August, adding that the offer was rejected by Tehran.

The Antei-2500, however, may be a better solution, the reports said. The system does not formally fall under the existing sanctions against Iran while still being useful for the Middle-Eastern country.

While the S-300 was developed for the use by missile defense forces, the Antei-2500 was specifically tailored for the needs of ground forces, which could also be an advantage for Iran, known for its large land force.

Later, Iran rejected the offer, stressing that it would not change its order.

The S-300 is a series of Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems produced by NPO Almaz, all based on the initial S-300P version. The S-300 system was developed to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles for the Soviet Air Defense Forces. Subsequent variations were developed to intercept ballistic missiles.

The S-300 system was first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1979, designed for the air defense of large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases, and control of airspace against enemy strike aircraft.

In the meantime, Iran designed and developed its own version of the S-300 missile shield, known as Bavar (Belief) 373. The Iranian version has superior features over the original Russian model as it enjoys increased mobility and reduced launch-preparation time.


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#357 Iranian Fateh submarine

Posted by ForumVojnik on 04 February 2014 - 12:27 PM

One more video

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#354 Iranian Fateh submarine

Posted by ForumVojnik on 03 February 2014 - 04:47 PM

Fateh submarine images




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#353 Iranian Fateh submarine

Posted by ForumVojnik on 03 February 2014 - 04:44 PM

Fateh (Conqueror) is an Iranian designed class of semi-heavy(in iRINAVY classification) submarines. The Iranian media reported that Fateh class subs can operate more than 200 meters below the sea surface for nearly five weeks. In September 2013, the Iranian Navy announced that the first sub of this class would be launched by the end of the current Iranian year (in March 2014)


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#343 Add images to post

Posted by ForumVojnik on 01 February 2014 - 02:44 PM

The easyest way to add images to your post is to press "add images to post" button,after you click button new tab(postimage.org page) will open with upload options,after you choose and upload images you will see your images and below your photos you  will see links to you images.You need simple copy/paste those links and it will be auto parsed to images.This metod is the best because in few clicks you can upload 50-60 images.


Screen shots:



Click button






Chose images(up to 50 at once)






Copy/Paste links


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#299 Forum Vojnik future board and skin-vote

Posted by ForumVojnik on 22 December 2013 - 09:27 PM

Forum demo for punBB

Installation URL: http://vbuletin.gmdf.net/punbb
Admin Login URL: http://vbuletin.gmdf...unbb/login.html
Admin uername: admin
Admin password: demo
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#298 Forum Vojnik future board and skin-vote

Posted by ForumVojnik on 22 December 2013 - 09:25 PM

Here is myBB 1.6 demo

Installation URL: http://vbuletin.gmdf.net/mybb
Admin Login URL: http://vbuletin.gmdf.net/mybb/admin
Admin uername: admin
Admin password: demo


mybb 1.8



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#297 Forum Vojnik future board and skin-vote

Posted by ForumVojnik on 22 December 2013 - 09:22 PM

Here is phpBB3 demo
Installation URL: http://vbuletin.gmdf.net/phpbb
Admin Login URL: http://vbuletin.gmdf....php?mode=login
Admin uername: admin
Admin password: demo
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#284 Forum Vojnik future board and skin-vote

Posted by ForumVojnik on 22 December 2013 - 12:41 AM

Here is our oficial Xen Foro Demo
Try and wote. Demo for vBuletin will be in day or two.
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#283 Forum Vojnik future board and skin-vote

Posted by Freefight on 21 December 2013 - 11:27 PM

Here is Xen Foro Demo forum,it's comercial rum board just like IP board.

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#270 Forum Vojnik logo-competition for best design-reward

Posted by ForumVojnik on 20 December 2013 - 01:15 PM

Here you can sugest logo for Forum Vojnik
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