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Fake Iranian threat

Iran military Iran nuclear deal

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Posted 07 March 2018 - 01:12 PM

In last 15 years we can read and watch on tv news channels almost on daily basis how Iran is danger, how Iran poses threat to world peace, how Iran is building nuclear weapons capatibility and nuclear capable missiles...and what not.
Reality is in facts quite different and everyone who knows history and who knows what is real situation on the ground will tell you that this is one big LIE.
After Iranian revolution that happen 1979 US favorite dictator Sah Reza Pahlavi who came to power with help of CIA who overthrow Iran democratic government elected on free elections was removed from power and New Islamic Republic of Iran was borned.
This new government was not frendly with US (naturally since CIA founded military coop to put Sah on power)and after incident with US ambassy in Teheran US and IR Iran are officially without diplomatic relationship.
As response to Iran revolution US suspend all contracts signed with Iran(even one already paid),freez Iranian assets and money in US and put Iran under sanctions
Even these sanctions are uniletar and illegal and only few western government followed US in practice any US sanctions againest anyone have huge impact becauase US policy is that any government and company who do business with country or company under US sanctions is also put under US sanctions automaticlly and now you can only imagine how big consequence sanctions had on Iran thus US and some other western governments freez Iranian assets and money even it was againest international lows.
that is not all, in 1980 Iraq on US request and with US help invade Iran and lunch blody 8-year war againest Iran in which Iran had to fight againest Iraq backed by US and other 46 countries... This war was first where US and SSSR were on same side,durring this war Iraq was got huge amount of money and most modern weapons at that time from US, Uk,France SSSR and other countries including arabs. And that is not all,west has provided even chemical weapons to Iraq which Iraq has used to target Iranian troops but even Iranian civilians and cities..
And all that happen whith US help,this war was one of the blodiest in history and Iran is call it imposed war.
One of the rare Iranian ally in that war was Syria and Iran and Syria stayed frendly till today, in 2003 Iran and Syria signed defense agreement that basicly say that attack on one country is attack on both,now you can understand why Iran entered Syrian war and defend it from day one,it is not only obligation considered agreements both countries signed but Iran is considered this as duty because Syria was rare country that help them.
So from this you can see that US is trying to change Iran government from day one Islamic revolution,US invided two Iran neighbors Afganistan and Iraq,they surounded Iran with military bases in 5 countries that have borders with Iran(land or sea),5 fleet is stationed in P.Gulf,last 40 years they threat Iran every day comsidering even using tactical nuclear weapons, Iran is also surounded with nuclear powers or countries that hosts US nuclear weapons..also we have to considered those sanctions placed for 40 years that slowed down Iranian economy and had impact even on human lives since Iran was western oriented country when it comes to everything, from civil Airliners,industry machinery and everything else.Iran has succeed to develop itself in every aspects and now it is 18th world economy.
In situation where it was under 40 years long sanctions and under US forced instability it was very hard to develop country in every aspects.Those facts you Will not hear from western media, they will not tell you that in Iran lives bigest jewish community(after Israel) in middle east and they have their representatives in parlament,like all other minorities...including christians.They will not tell you that Iran didn't attack anyone for more than 300 years,will not tell you that in Iran nuclear weapons are banned by constitution and supreme leader fatva, they will not tell you that Iran didn't respond with weapons of mass destruction even when they were targeted with WMD(chemical weapons) provided by west to S.Husein.US and west has turn middle east in to weapons depot, they sell 500 billions of weapons only to S.Arabia in last few years..with all those bases around Iran, with all weapons,including nuclear, pointed to Iran they are now talk about threat from Iran, country that fight terrorism more than anyone else...from talibans, al-qaida, ISIS to US supported Mek.Israel and CIA have executed number of terrorist attack in Iran, killing Iranian scientists,profesors and civilians with car bombs on the streets of Iranian cities. They will not tell you that every Iranian move was response to threat,US is supporting S.Arabija, country without constitution, system or institutions,country where power is located in one family where decisions are mada on dinners...they provide so much weapons to country that can literary tomorow became some other ISIL because there are no institutions or system.
They are repeating same mistakes and always find itself on wrong side.With so many bases,and weapons around Iran what you can expect from them other than try to make themself capable to detter attack, US is using same tactics, they allocate huge amount of fire power at country borders,squeeze it constantly and than when country is working on their defense they use that as reason to attack it,of course they are building missiles it is only logical move, they are investing so much money in accuracy because their missiles are armed with comventional warhead, nuclear missile doesn't need to be accurate because of destruction power but comventional has to be accurate.

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