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US will withraw from Iran nuclear deal

Iran iran nuclear deal iran military iran news US withraw from nuclear deal

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Posted 06 October 2017 - 11:14 AM

During his speech, Trump described the deal as “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into” and seems US will withraw from this dal even international community is clearly against this move because acording to IAEA Iran didn't break any part of adreement.

But to US this isn't realy important,they only seek reasons to conflict with Iran,Trump says Iran is exporting terorism and if He realy bealive that anyone will eat that shit than He is delusional...Iran is fighting terorism every day in Iraq and Syria...without Iran Syria and Iraq would be called Islamic state ...because both Iraq and Syria were almost overruned by ISIL/ISIS in the begining.....Iran was only country and first country which sent weapons and amunitions to Iraq army including su-25 attack aircrafts,tanks....at one point even IRIAF started combat missions in Iraq against ISIL...When it comes to Syria it was even worst since US support these scams against Asad and only thanks to Iran Syrian Arab Army succeed to stop ISIL/ISIS advance..Russia came years latter and in first years of war Iran was only country who fight ISIL on ground.there is no single video clip from Syria battlefield where you can't see IRGC and IRIAA uniforms and Iranian made weapons....Now let's talk little bit about terorism....100% of terorist organization that origin from muslim states are Sunni and also almost all of them are founded by Saudi Arabia state or someone from royal family ....not even one Iranian orgaanization or Iranian citizen was involved in any terorist attack on US or US interest...every terorist attack on US or Us interest are conducted by sunni organizations and 99% of terorists were Saudi Arabia,Egypt or some other Arab state(whch is US allies)..rest of them were from Africa or Asia  but also sunni and also from organization founded by Al-qaida...or some other....And now when you know this facts please tell me why Trump travel ban target Iran ....when not even one organization or citizen from Iran was involved in any attack on US or US intrests....

Now few more facts....

Iran fight Al-qaida and Talibans from 1996.... before anyone even know for them in US...except US government who support them back than.....in Afghanistan Iran supported Northern Allience. ....after 11.09.2001 US support this organization against taliban and guess who help them ...Iran

When it comes to nuclear weapons and all other WMD..Iran was aleays against it and it signed NPT .....wmd is also forbiden by their lows and also forbiden by Ayatolah....Iran want to explore nuclear energy as any other country and guess what....Iranian civil nuclear program  was established under the US Atoms for Peace programme in 1957 .

Busher nuclear power plant was started 1975 by west..... in 1975 construction of two 1,293 MWe (gross) PWR units was started 18 km south of Bushehr in Bushehr province on the Persian Gulf by Siemens KWU, based on the Biblis B reactor in Germany. The contract was actually signed in mid-1976 and some $3 billion paid. After the Islamic revolution, further payment was withheld and work was abandoned early in 1979 with unit 1 substantially complete and unit two about half complete. The plant was damaged by Iraqi air strikes in 1984-88.

Close to the Iraq border, there were also two French 910 MWe units which in January 1979 had just started construction under a $2 billion October 1977 contract with Framatome...

Only roblem now is..well west will not earn anything from Iran nuclear program..it is not about WMD.....Iran is just continue to work on program they started in 1957.....I decided to start this topic because I couldn't bealive there is nation that is brain washed like US...they don't know so much about things their government do....also so little informtation from outside can penetrate in US...just look what is going on with RT news channel....even goole,facebook and twitter are highly censored .....I hope US people will start asking questions ...expecually when it comes to terorism there is some kind "no question asked" support on any move that is described as anti-terror....

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Posted 06 October 2017 - 11:24 AM

Iranian Soldier captured by ISIL/ISIS ...this image is frame from video clip filmed as part of ISIS execution ceremony and just seconds before He is beheaded,you can see knife in executor right hand.....



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